Sentient Trading Workshops

Learn how to trade successfully using the Sentient Trader - Hurst Trading System at an intense 5-day workshop

The Sentient Trader is a software package that analyses financial markets (stocks, indices, futures, commodities, bonds & FOREX). The theory which underlies the analysis and trading methodology of The Sentient Trader is Hurst’s Cyclic Theory (as presented in Hurst’s “Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing” book and Hurst’s Cycles Course).

The software is due for commercial release in October of 2010, having completed a thorough process of beta testing under the name of Sentient Trader.

The Sentient Trading workshops are intense, personal workshops of small groups in which the process of trading successfully with the software is presented, and participants are started on their successful trading journey with the software. This does not mean that the workshops are beginner-level workshops: each workshop is specifically tailored to the trading and analysis experience of those attending, and so if you are already an experienced trader, or an experienced cyclic analyst make sure that we are aware of this before booking your workshop. Learning to trade successfully is an ongoing process that takes many years (perhaps a lifetime) to master, which is why we describe the workshops as starting the participants on their journey with the Sentient Trader software.

Hurst’s Cyclic Theory

JM Hurst was an engineer who published two seminal works in the 1970’s: a book called “The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing”, and a workshop-style course called “Hurst’s Cyclitec Cycles Course”. Hurst claimed that his Cyclic Theory could produce considerable profits if traded correctly.

The biggest problem with Hurst’s theory is that it is fairly complicated. Studying the course takes several months, and after that it can take many years to truly understand the method to the kind of level at which one would feel confident to risk one’s own money.

The Sentient Trader – Hurst Trading System makes Hurst’s very powerful trading method accessible after a simple download and installation. The software performs all of the complicated phasing analysis, and applies the trading methodology to produce simple BUY and SELL orders. It even interacts with popular trading platforms, and will place the orders itself.

However, as is the case with any powerful tool, in the hands of a skilled user the Sentient Trader is very powerful, but in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it, it could be dangerous!

It is for this reason that we started holding the Sentient Trading Workshops.

Sentient Trading

Sentient trading is the name given to the trading methodology developed by David Hickson, who is the creator of Sentient Trader software.

It is an extension of the original trading methodology presented by Hurst in his Cycles Course.

The way in which it works is that a “regular” Hurst phasing analysis is performed. This phasing analysis results in a picture of how several cycles have combined to produce the price action of the market being analyzed.

At this point an additional analytical step is performed: the “wave shapes” of each and every cycle leading up to the present time are classified, according to a unique classification system. The result, in simple terms, is that a single wave (a cycle from one trough to the next) is given a name, such as BULL A, or BEAR C.

As a result of this classification of the wave shapes present in a particular market, the particular character of a market can be defined. Then when it comes to making trading decisions (should I buy or sell, now or later?) the character of the market (as defined by the wave shapes) provides the Sentient Trader with very useful information about what trades to take, and when to take them.

Another way of looking at the use of the Sentient Trading system is that one is using Hurst’s trading method, but applying a filter which helps to extract the profitable trades and reject the losing trades.

The Sentient Trading method is undergoing a series of exhaustive tests, which you can read about here.

Course Content

So what do we actually cover in the Sentient Trading Workshops?

The Sentient Trading Workshops should be seen as the vital starting point to trading successfully with the Sentient Trader.

If you know nothing at all about trading or about Hurst’s theory then you will finish the workshop with the confidence to start trading at a basic level (end of day) with the software, and you will have a good grounding (and the necessary leads) to inspire you to study Hurst’s theory thoroughly.

If you are a Hurst expert already then you will finish the workshop with the confidence to apply the new trading methodology, and to use the software at expert level: expert users can tailor the software to analyze the markets according to their own cyclic theories and analytical experience. This enables you to trade consistently well in the pressured intraday real-time trading environment.

Depending upon the level of the workshop that you attend, the content will include:

  • Understanding how financial markets work from a cyclic perspective.
  • How Hurst’s Cyclic Theory explains the movement of financial markets.
  • The refinements introduced by the Sentient Trading methodology.
  • Using the Sentient Trader software and getting the most out of it.
  • Trading using cyclic methods (Hurst’s theory and the extended sentient trading method).
  • Finally: where to from here? How to continue to develop your sentient trading skills and get involved in the community of workshop alumni.

The workshop is the start of your journey with Sentient Trader, and it is a journey that we hope you will travel for many years.

More Detail

If you would like to know in more detail what Sentient Trading is all about, and what you will be learning to do on the workshop, then take a look at this 1-hour webinar in which I introduce the basics. (Unzip the downloaded file, double-click the Netviewer Player, and open the other unzipped file (the webinar file) from within the player. Note that all questions & comments were asked & made via the "Chat" window. In the Netviewer Player go to the Options menu, and select Chat so that you can follow along.)


The workshops are held in various locations around the world:


Workshops in Italy are held in the Le Marche region. You will stay in the tranquil hills of Le Marche at the Casa Azzurra, a tiny boutique hotel, and we work in the magnificent surroundings of Fiastra Abbey, a Cistercian monastery dating back to the fourteenth century.


Our first workshop in Australia is taking place in November 2010 in Adelaide. If you are interested in booking a place on an Australian workshop please email us and we will provide you with full details as soon as they are available.

United States (New Mexico)

Our first workshop in the US is taking place in January 2011. Details of the venue and cost are still being finalised. If you are interested in booking a place on a US workshop please email us and we will provide you with full details as soon as they are available.

South Africa

Our first workshop in South Africa is taking place in Cape Town in June 2011. Details of the venue and cost are still being finalised. If you are interested in booking a place on a South Afican workshop please email us and we will provide you with full details as soon as they are available.


The cost of the workshop depends on the venue.

The cost of the workshop in Italy is €1,800 per person attending the workshop sessions, and a cost of only €900 for a partner with whom you will share your hotel room (but who will not attend the workshop sessions). Instead of attending the workshop sessions your partner can enjoy various organised activities which vary depending on the venue. 

The cost of the workshop in Australia is €1,900 per person.

This cost includes:

  • Accommodation and all meals
  • Italy only: Transport to and from a venue-specific airport or train station (arrival on Monday, departure on Friday). If you need to arrive somewhere else we can arrange train or coach transport at an additional cost.
  • Italy only: Transport between the hotel and the workshop venue.
  • Partners have full access to the facilities of the hotel. Extra activities can be arranged at an additional cost.
  • All workshop materials.


In order to book a place on a workshop, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Before making a booking, please acquaint yourself with our workshop Terms & Conditions, which can be found here.
  2. Email us, indicating which workshop you would like to attend.
  3. You will receive a reply confirming availability for that workshop:
    1. If there is space available, the email will include a link to a secure payment page, where you can pay the 50% deposit of the workshop fee required to confirm your booking.
    2. If there is no space available, we will provide you with alternate options.
  4. On receipt of the 50% deposit (which can be paid by credit card, wire transfer or PayPal), you will receive a confirmation of your booking.

Schedule & Workshop content

A sample workshop schedule and session content (which does vary) can be found here.